The EPIEM network …

  • … is consisting of an open-minded as well as a motivated group of active, closely linked and communicating IEM professors working at European universities who are strongly involved in teaching operations and academic research.
  • … of IEM professors see their work situated in a multidisciplinary field of science at the interface between technology, sociology and economics.
  • … has strong connections within the “European Network of Industrial Engineering and Management” to (i) student networks (e. g. ESTIEM), (ii) academic (e. g. TU Austria) and semi-academic/professional IEM alumni networks (e. g. IEM Caring Foundation,  ESTIEM Alumni) as well as (iii) private firms and institutions in practice across all industries.
  • … is looking after the needs of partner institutions and the interests of its members (note: who are solely professors of universities) that are in turn willing to support the network voluntarily and non-remunerated with activities that support the EPIEM vision.
  • … is avoiding duplication of activities and does not overlap with other activities undertaken by partner institutions or partner networks.
  • … is able to “survive” independently and sustainably within the “IEM family” because of motivated and supportive IEM professors.

EPIEM Network: Status quo

EPIEM perceives itself as a virtual university network, consisting of European Professors at the following universities:

  • Austria: The IEM field in Austria is closely linked to Graz University of Technology, Vienna University of Technology and Montanuniversitaet Leoben (all together “TU Austria”) as well as the Austrian Association of Industrial Engineering and Management (WING). As founding member of the EPIEM and Head of the network, Prof. Bernd M. Zunk from Graz University of Technology is responsible for the European-wide strategic development of EPIEM as well as the Austrian national IEM actions.
  • Portugal: Portugal is a very active member in die EPIEM network since the beginning in 2010 in Cambridge. Today, Prof. Anabela C. Alves from the University of Minho and Prof. Carina Pimentel from the University of Aveiro are driving the EPIEM activities in Portugal together with the Portuguese ESTIEM groups as well as the national IEM alumni Association in Portugal. Furthermore, Prof. Alves is linking the EPIEM network with the IEM Caring Foundation.
  • Romania: In Romania, Prof. Cristian Mustata is taking care of the local group of ESTIEM at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest as well as the national IEM activities. Currently, he is linking Prof. Mihaela Bucur from the University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology in Targu Mures to the EPIEM network. Thus, Prof. Bucur is planning to establish a further Romanian ESTIEM group as well as to organize a future EPIEM meeting in Targu Mures.
  • Serbia: The European IEM network has a great connection to the Faculty of Technical Sciences at the University of Novi Sad where Prof. Stevan Stankovski and his team is managing the Serbian EPIEM activities in close collaboration with the very active local ESTIEM group. Furthermore, Prof. Stankovski is the managing editor of the Journal of Mechatronics, Automation and Identification Technology ( which is promoting high quality applied and theoretical research in the IEM field.

EPIEM 2020+: Quo vadis?

If you are interested in linking your University (like the Austrian, Romanian or Portuguese EPIEMers already did) or your national network of universities (like “TU Austria“) or your national association of Industrial Engineering and Management (like the IEM Austrian „WING“ –  to EPIEM, please contact us.

The current EPIEM members are really looking forward to welcome motivated IEM academics as new members in the EPIEM network!